The last time

There’s so much to say and ask and that I want to know. I don’t want to believe you ever lied to me, if anything it’s not you. I know you will not hurt me like that. Or is it and that you will?

I’ll keep it in now.

As I stare out of this plane window, I see that sky full of stars beneath me. I’ll always remember that first plane ride I took for you. I don’t ever regret any decision I have made. I won’t ask for anything else more. I just pray and hope, you are happy. You deserve these happiness.

All I want and need to know is that I did fix you. And now be happy, please.

This is my last letter of these thoughts, sadness, questions and heartbroken-ess.

I’ll be ok, always will eventually be. Past three years has already been a roller coaster ride for me and I got through. You fixed me, do you know? I am hurt now, again, but I know I’ll get through this.

I wish one day I could have the courage and less of the hurt and walk up to you and ask, “how are you?”

One day.

Now just let me go through this breaking process.

You by Jona. All that I ever want to say and won’t say anymore. These words are from me to you. You will always be special, in a way or another.

You, my sky full of stars.

New chapter

I think the past few months have been a real roller coaster ride for me – both physically and mentally.

Good things do really come for those who are willing to wait. I always thought be patient is a phrase people use to brush others off. Nope. Things do happen and all things happen at a certain time/period in your life for a reason.

Received some good news yesterday. I am truly grateful.

I guess this is the year of closing up some chapters but opening plenty others new ones in my life.

Onward to another phase in life.

I know how you feel

You know when people say “I know how you feel, I know its hard.”, how much do they really know and understand?

I think everyone could possibly be in a similar type of situation, but the intensity of pain, hardships I think, differ for everyone.

So how much do someone really understand and feel that level of pain that you feel when they say “I know how you feel..”

I think this is the same when it comes to giving advice to others. It’s always easier said than done.

Oh well.