Time to time

From time to time you just can’t help but feel discourage by certain things, words etc. That’s ok, we are all human.

I am trying to learn how to better deal with these and not let it affect me so much but rather to be better.

Today shall be a great day!


It’s Not Love, It’s Loneliness

It’s Not Love, It’s Loneliness

Agree, so much.

Beyond Bounds

When you’refeeling lonely,you mightfind yourselfdwelling on all your past relationships and how they ended. You recall all the good memorieswhen you were happy, and you would think bringing it back means reclaimingyour happiness.Although deep downyou know they are not good for you, you choose to ignore this fact. You convince yourself thattime is different andthere’s has to be away to make it work.You get in touch with people who once were a huge part of your life, give them a call or send a text, hopingfor a second chance. Or, if that doesn’t work out, you settle for any person that comes your way. You think about the near future instead of the long run because you suddenly decided to “live in the moment” when you’ve been a worrier of the future all your life. You convince yourself it is meant to be because you met the person who completes…

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