Hi there

As I stare out of the plane window, looking at this bed full of stars beneath me, I can’t help but reminisce those times.. the Long messages and letters I wrote on the plane. Times where I felt so broken, so helpless, like nothing is ever gonna be better, everything is just gonna be bad, always and forever bad.

But this past week – I have never felt more blessed and loved in my whole life. all these old friends, new friends, strangers. They are like new found family.

Then I realise, how could I ever realise anyone would ever love me the way I want them to if I am always so blinded by how much just one person could never and will never love me back they way I wished they would.

I have so much I want to say, wished I could say but now I realised you never want to hear what I have to say or want to know how I feel or don’t even care how I felt.